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Currencies, commodities, stocks, indices, cryptoassets - we open access to the most profitable instruments so that you increase your capital.


Buy and sell currencies on the international foreign exchange market. It is also called Forex. Analysts predict that by 2022 the daily market turnover will amount to 15 trillion dollars, in 2016 it was 5.1 trillion.

Forex Features.

  • High volatility - price volatility. Only the cryptoasset market can compare with it.
  • The most liquid of all, because the money itself is bought and sold.
  • Works around the clock. American, European and Asia-Pacific sessions ensure uninterrupted trading.
  • Forex is traded even with a minimum deposit.
  • Broker credit (leverage) can be used to increase trade volumes and profits.

  • What affects the exchange rate.

  • Economic indicators: central bank interest rates, countries' monetary policy, seasonality and related export-import operations. Follow the news. All data periodically appear in the economic calendar.
  • Political games: sanctions, diplomatic scandals, statements by politicians.
  • Sentiments of large banks, insurance companies, investment funds and other financial institutions.
  • Force majeure. Quotes change very much. However, the effect does not last long.

  • Raw materials

    Raw materials and goods (there are about 70 types of them) are traded on the Commodities market. A third of all trade is concentrated there.

    Features of commodity trading.

  • Seasonality and weather conditions. This factor especially affects the price of agricultural products.
  • Political and economic situation in the regions where goods / raw materials are produced or mined.
  • Stocks of natural resources and quotas for their extraction. Follow the news of the economic calendar.
  • Technology and innovation. New directions in production, as well as the mood of society, affect the raw materials associated with them. For example, the demand for electric cars has enriched lithium traders (batteries for cars are still made from this material). At the same time, the massive campaign against sugar is affecting its price and demand. And at the same time, it gives way to substitutes for a sweet product.

  • Main product groups:

  • metals: ferrous, non-ferrous, precious;
  • energy resources: coal, oil, gas;
  • agricultural and food products: grain, sugar, tea, cotton and so on

  • Indexes

    The index is an indicator of the state of the market. Every day, the shares of companies in a particular country or sector of the economy are changing in different directions. When calculating the index using a special formula, the average value is displayed. Its change shows what is happening with the economy or the industry as a whole.

    Indices by themselves cannot be bought or sold. All trades are made using CFDs (Contracts for Difference). Predicting the movement of the index is much easier than the change in the share price of an individual company. In addition, with the advent of indices and CFDs, market entry has opened even for traders with a small account. The most popular stock indices: NASDAQ, Dow Jones, Nikkei, S&P, DAX, MICEX.

    What affects the index:

  • stocks that are included in the index;
  • policy;
  • the state of the economies of the countries whose companies are included in the index;
  • currency in which you trade the index.

  • Promotions

    Stocks are traded on the stock market. With us, you have the opportunity to buy securities of a company from any country, directly from your mobile. In addition, you can make money on a company's IPO (initial public offering).

    Usually, securities are bought for long-term investment. You can choose a stable "gold" company, and your capital will grow steadily along with it.

    Analysts highlight these advantages of investing in company stocks.

  • The stock market will go up. Industries are promising in the prefix tech. Moreover, both in the classic version (Alphabet, Microsoft, Tesla) and all derivatives: bio- (biotechnology), fin- (financial - blockchain, machine learning, and so on), agrotech (agricultural technologies) and others.
  • Foreign potential. Our company provides a trader from anywhere in the world with access to shares of absolutely any company.
  • Profit from any changes. An investor can make money both on the growth and on the fall of quotations (for example, buying securities during a temporary decline in price). The scandal with the data of Facebook users in 2018 is a direct confirmation of this.

  • Portfolio investment

    Portfolio investing is a way to manage risk. That is, you invest your capital not in one asset, but in several: currency, stocks, CFDs, raw materials, crypto assets, and so on.

    The share of each instrument in the portfolio depends on the chosen trading strategy and the size of your capital.

    Portfolio investment benefits

  • risk allocation;
  • opportunity to get extra profit;
  • you set the expiration dates for the portfolio.

  • Cryptocurrency

    The cryptocurrency market has become a hype for the last five years. The society is divided into those who consider it a “bubble” and wait for it to “burst”; those who disrupt unrealistic profits on bitcoin and ripple races; and a very small part are simply indifferent to cryptocurrencies.

    This is a very volatile segment. The price of cryptoassets is difficult to predict. However, there are many tokens. The cost ranges from a few cents to thousands of dollars. Therefore, a trader with any deposit can buy several “coins”.

    What to consider when trading cryptocurrencies.

  • News. For example, the ban on advertising on Google, Facebook, Telegram has reduced quotes and market capitalization as a whole. And the news about the launch of futures, on the contrary, raised the rate.
  • Crypto-asset “creators” comments on Twitter accounts and the press.
  • The value ”and popularity of cryptocurrency.
  • Since it is a very risky asset, some analysts do not recommend buying crypto with credit money.
  • You need to allocate a part, not the entire deposit, for token trading.
  • The broker offers trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Verge, Monero, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic and other promising tokens. In addition, the company monitors the most anticipated ICOs, so you can trade promising new products as soon as they appear on the cryptocurrency market.