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When investing, it is important to define your financial profile, which includes performance objectives and risk limits. Our professional team provides all our clients with the highest quality services.


We strive to provide our customers with excellent service. Investing with us is simple and fast: we offer a variety of financial instruments, including CFDs, commodities, currencies, cryptocurrencies and much more.


We offer the best technology on the market today for experienced traders, as well as consulting and advisory services for our clients with little or no experience in the world of finance.

We comply with all international laws regarding financial transactions and banking secrecy.

The confidentiality of our customers' information is one of the foundations of the excellent service we provide.

The better we are

We are an international company with offices around the world providing intermediary services to clients interested in investing and operating in the global financial markets.


Nobody will ever know who you are and how much you earn. Your money and personal data are under reliable protection.

Low spreads.

We have the lowest transaction fees. There are no additional fees or charges.


Free basic courses for beginners and more advanced courses for professionals. Smart video market reviews, high-quality forecasts, secret techniques and ongoing management support.

Minimal risks.

You have every opportunity to flexibly respond to market sentiments: tools, assets, info support, the most modern strategies and flawless technologies.

Convenient service.

An intuitive trading terminal and round-the-clock support will allow you to increase your capital, and not be distracted by studying functions.

Full access to information.

News, charts, rates and quotes, economic calendar, forecasts of world analysts - all the information for successful trading is at your service.

All goals are achievable. The main thing is to take the right tool.


Currencies, commodities, stocks, indices, cryptoassets - we open access to the most profitable instruments so that you increase your capital.


They buy and sell currencies on the international foreign exchange market. It is also called Forex. Analysts predict that by 2023 the daily market turnover will amount to 15 trillion dollars, in 2016 it was 5.1 trillion

Raw materials

Raw materials and goods are traded on the commodity exchange. A third of all trade is concentrated there. With us you will have financial leverage and round-the-clock support of managers and modern tools for successful trading.


Every day, the shares of companies in a particular country or sector of the economy are changing in different directions. When calculating the index using a special formula, the average value is displayed. Its change shows what is happening with the economy or the industry as a whole.


With us, you have the opportunity to buy securities of a company from any country, directly from your mobile. Plus, you can make money from a company's IPO. Usually, securities are bought for long-term investment. You can choose a stable "gold" company, and your capital will grow steadily along with it


Portfolio investing is a way to manage risk. That is, you invest your capital not in one asset, but in several: currency, stocks, CFDs, raw materials, crypto assets, and so on. The share of each instrument in the portfolio depends on the chosen trading strategy and the size of your capital.


The cryptocurrency market has become a hype for the past five years. The society is divided into those who consider it a “bubble” and wait for it to “burst”; those who disrupt unrealistic profits on bitcoin and ripple races; and a very small part are simply indifferent to cryptocurrencies.


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